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The Green Bay Packers were established on August 11, 1919 by Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun, they received their name after a deal was struck between Lambeau and his employer the "Indian Packing Company" which saw the team receive $500 for uniforms and equipment in exchange for the team to be named after the company. At first news reports pegged them as the Green Bay Indians but by their first game they were known as the Green Bay Packers. Following the purchase of the Indian Packing Company by Acme Packers in 1920 the Packers wore uniforms prominently featuring the name of the new company.

Their familar "G" logo was created in 1961 by equipment manager Gerald Brashier and art student John Gordon. The "G" stands for "Green Bay" and nothing more. Over the years, the Packers have given permission to several schools to use similar logos including the University of Georgia.

The Packers have been a member of the NFL longer than the league has held that name, joining when the league was still known as the American Professional Football Association in 1921. They are the only entirely publically funded professional sports team in North America and any sale of the team to outside interests would result in all profits from the sale being donated to charity, preventing any motivation for a relocation of the franchise.

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