Phoenix Coyotes Logos History

The Arizona Coyotes started their life in another country, in a different league even, when they were established as the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association in 1972. The Jets transferred to the NHL in 1979 and eventually relocated to Phoenix, Arizona announcing the move in December 1995. The team held a name-the-team contest, the results of which were announced on April 8, 1996. "Phoenix Coyotes" was the winning name beating out strong runners-up such as the Scorpions, and Freeze. The team’s original logo, unveiled the same day, was a Kachina-style coyote holding a hockey stick with a black, green, beige, and purple colour scheme.

Following a move to the suburbs in 2004, the team flirted with dropping Phoenix from their name, ten years later they finally did it when in 2014 they took the ice as the Arizona Coyotes.

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