Laval Kebs Logos History

NBL Canada Logos Quebec Kebs (2011/12) ► Laval Kebs (2012/13) ► Montreal Jazz (2012/13)

The Laval Kebs ended as quickly as they began never playing a game in its history. The franchise began life in Quebec City as a member of the American Basketball Association in 2006 with controversy and public uproar all over the place. Owner Real Bourassa ruffled some feathers when he announced the team would be called the "Quebec Jumping Frogs", clearly a reference to the derogatory name used by the English toward French-speakers. In response to this Bourassa told residents they should relax and learn to laugh at themselves. While the original Kebs logo ended up keeping the Jumping Frogs theme, ulitmately the name never took and they instead were known as the Québec Kebekwa - Kebekwa is a phonetic spelling of the French pronounciation of "Québecois", a resident of Québec. The name was shortened to Quebec Kebs for 2007.

The Kebs were a part of three different leagues while in Quebec - the ABA, the PBL and finally the NBL Canada as one of the league's founding teams. The Kebs relocated from Quebec City to Laval, QC prior to the 2012/13 National Basketball League of Canada season and retained the Kebs nickname from their previous franchise location. Just a few weeks before the season began the league announced it would be relocating the team to Montreal where they would be known as the Montreal Jazz.

Laval Kebs Primary Logos History