Akron RubberDucks Logos History

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After sixteen seasons competing as the Akron Aeros the team wanted a new identity, seeking a moniker which both acknowledged Akron's blue-collar community and was family-friendly and fun, the team was re-named Akron RubberDucks.

The name "RubberDucks" was picked mostly in honour of Akron's long history in the rubber industry, at one point the city was home to all of the United States' top car tire manufacturers and still hosts the headquarters of Goodyear. The uniforms and logos were designed by San Diego-based design studio Brandiose, responsible for several other Minor League Baseball logo rebrands in the early 21st century.

Tributes to Akron's rubbertire history can be seen in all of the logos by way of tire tread marks either flying out the back of a ducks head or formed into the shape of an "A".

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