Kingston Canadians Photo Gallery

After the QMJHL threatened legal action against the OHA because of the existence of the Montreal Junior Canadiens in the Ontario based league in 1972 the OHA suspended the franchise for a season. While the Jr Canadiens owners transferred their players to the new Montreal Bleu-Blanc-et-Rouge of the Quebec league, the OHA put together an Ontario-based team to replace the team -- enter the Kingston Canadians.

The Canadians, using the English spelling rather than the French "Canadiens" used by Montreal, chose their colours, logos, and uniforms to be identical to that of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens - the only difference being a 'K' instead of an 'H' on the logo.

After the 1988 season the Canadians were sold to a new owner who wanted to emulate the branding of the NFL's Los Angeles Raiders re-naming the team the Kingston Raiders and changing their colour scheme to black and silver. After playing as the Raiders for just one season the team was sold once again and re-named the Kingston Frontenacs after Frontenac County where Kingston is located.

1980s Kingston Canadians Photos