Buffalo Sabres Photo Gallery

The Buffalo Sabres entered the National Hockey League along with the Vancouver Canucks for the 1970-71 season. Their name came as a the result of a name the team contest, the winner said they chose the Sabres name because of the sharp blades of an ice skate. The original logo included a white buffalo, a symbol of good luck, placed in between two crossed sabre swords on a blue and gold circle.

A new look awaited the team as they moved to their new arena in 1996, in an attempt to appear more agressive the Sabres switched to a white buffalo head with red, black, and silver accents. Gradually fans missed the traditional team colours and a return to a blue and gold logo was made in 2006 though not in a way fans wanted. The so-called Buffaslug logo was panned immediately, after just four seasons it was replaced with the original team logo in new, darker colours. While the logo was back, the original colours again were not. In 2020 the Sabres finally made their return to royal, bringing back the classic colours to great acclaim.