Pittsburgh Penguins Uniform

Unused Uniform (1992/93)

What is this Pittsburgh Penguins Uniform?

White jersey with PENGUINS written diagonally in yellow with a black drop shadow, Penguins logo on shoulder. Black and yellow striping at the sleeves and bottom of jersey.


Vance Wright Adams & Associates

Image last updated on Saturday, January 26, 2013

Notable Players of this era:

Ron Francis, Larry Murphy, Jaromir Jagr, Joe Mullen, Mario Lemieux

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More Information on This Uniform

In 1992, the (at that time) new Pittsburgh Penguins owner Howard Baldwin hired a local Pittsburgh design firm (Vance Wright Adams) to design a modern new look for the team. What resulted was the logo that was later nicknamed the 'Robo Penguin' and the uniforms that debuted with the logo, and were worn from the 1992/93 - 2001/02 season. Originally, the design firm Vance Wright Adams actually proposed four jerseys that season -- two home and two road jerseys. The NHL however rejected that idea. So, Howard Baldwin elected to go with a jersey from each set (hence the reason for the mis-matching jersey pattern). This was one of those jersey designs that was left out of the mix.



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