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Primary Logo (1976-1984)

What is the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Logo?

Chanticleer logo identical to the Gamecocks of South Carolina. During this time school was known as USC-Coastal Carolina College so it isn\'t farfetched to use a logo belonging to the flagship school. The school would become independent & adopt its current name in 1993.

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Until the early 1960s Coastals teams were known as the Trojans. When the school became an extension of the University of South Carolina, the push was made for a mascot more in line with the parents mascot, the Gamecock; the ultimate choice was the Chanticleer, the proud, witty rooster made famous in The Nuns Priests Tale of Chaucers The Canterbury Tales (the mascot itself would be named Zachary). When Coastal became an independent university in 1993, despite some calls to change the mascot as part of a complete split from USC, the Chanticleer remained the school\'s mascot.



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