Montreal Expos Logo

Jersey Logo (1992-1998)

What is this Montreal Expos Logo?

Montreal scripted with underscore in red with blue and white outlines, with fleur-de-lis above in blue with a white outline, on grey. Worn on the Montreal Expos road uniform from 1992 until 1998. In 1999 the shade of grey used for the road uniform was changed slightly for three seasons before returning to this grey again in 2002.

Unveiled on Thursday, November 7, 1991
First worn Monday, April 6, 1992

Notable Players of this era:

Larry Walker, Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez, Gary Carter, Dennis Martinez, Lee Smith

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The fleur-de-lis (lilly flower) shown above the e acts as both an acute accent and a representation of their home province of Quebec.



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