Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Logo

Primary Logo (1995-2004)

What is the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Logo?

Horsehead logo in FDU Blue and black unveiled in a press conference in September 1995. In an attempt to create an identifying mark distinctive from what Rutgers University (mascot is also Knights) uses, a chess piece knight was developed as the athletics signature mark. Along with the new design came a color change. Black replaced maroon as the accent color & supplemented the traditional colors of blue and white. In prior years, the FDU athletic teams wore Columbia blue and navy blue. In 1995 both FDU campuses switched over to the new FDU Blue. In past years, the University did not possess an official, marketable logo. This was uncommon for an NCAA Division I program. In fact, most of FDUs teams chose to spell out the word Knights on their uniforms or ignore it altogether.

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