Pacific Coast League Logos

The Pacific Coast League (PCL), a significant feeder for Major League Baseball, traces its roots back to 1903. Initially a minor league for the farthest reaches of professional baseball, the PCL has seen several cities advance from hosting minor league teams to establishing major league franchises, notably Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. The league underwent a name change in 2021, briefly becoming the Triple-A West, before reviving the historic PCL name in 2022.

Over the years the league has seen two major restructurings. First the inclusion of teams from the old American Association in 1998 and then another in 2020, when Major League Baseball reorganized the minor leagues, resulting in several PCL teams being shifted to the International League. This realignment was part of a broader effort to streamline player development and reduce travel demands on teams, reflecting the evolving nature of minor league baseball and its integration with MLB's strategic goals.