World Baseball Classic Logos

Logos and uniform history for the World Baseball Classic (or WBC for short), it is an international tournament held every three to four years starting in 2006. The tournament is run in partnership with Major League Baseball and is the only international baseball tournament to include players from MLB. The tournament is held during the month of March and features between 16 to 20 competing nations.
Logos e historia del uniforme para el Clásico Mundial de Béisbol. ワールド ベースボール クラシックのロゴとユニフォームの歴史。Logos et histoire des uniformes pour la World Baseball Classic. 世界棒球经典赛的标志和制服历史。월드 베이스볼 클래식의 로고와 유니폼 역사. Loghi e storia della divisa per il World Baseball Classic. Logo's en uniformgeschiedenis voor de World Baseball Classic. Loga a historie uniformy pro World Baseball Classic.

World Baseball Classic Team Logos