Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Gallery

The Arizona Diamondbacks were named via a name-the-team contest held in late 1995. Asking fans to submit names which would draw attention to the Arizona desert and it's famous lore, the finalists were narrowed down to the Arizona Coyotes, Diamondbacks, Phoenix, Rattlers, Saguaros, and Scorpions. Ownership chose "Diamondbacks" from this list of finalists due to it's diamond pattern, evoking thoughts of a baseball diamond.

Commonly shortened to "D-backs" by fans and media, they played their first season in 1998 using a colour scheme of purple and teal and featuring a logo which was both a letter "A" and a diamondback snake head with a road-only logo of a gold snake in the shape of a "D".

After nine seasons, and one World Championship, in purple and teal, the D-backs switched to a red, black, and beige colour scheme for 2007 carrying over the same "A" and "D" logos. Acknowledging the popular fan nickname "D-backs", the team put it on the front of their home uniforms.

2010s Arizona Diamondbacks Photos