National League Logos

The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, established in 1876, is the older of the two leagues in Major League Baseball. This league set the foundation for professional baseball, predating the American League by 25 years. Its formation was driven by a vision to organize and professionalize the sport, which has been maintained over its history.

In its first season, the National League consisted of eight franchises: the Boston Red Stockings (Braves), Chicago White Stockings (Cubs), Cincinnati Red Stockings (Reds), Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, New York Mutuals (Giants), Philadelphia Athletics (Phillies), and St. Louis Brown Stockings (Cardinals). These teams were the pioneers of professional baseball, setting a competitive standard that led to the eventual creation of the World Series in 1903, a championship that remains a pinnacle of the sport.

The National League has seen numerous changes, expansions, and the introduction of new rules to enhance the game such as the adoption of the designated hitter rule, to match the AL, in 2022. The league continues to be a cornerstone of Major League Baseball, celebrated for its historic contributions and enduring legacy.

National League Teams of the Past Logos