Anaheim Ducks Logos History

Initially owned by Disney, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (as they were originally known) held no contest before announcing their name, in fact they knew their name before they even had a team. Named for the successful movie The Mighty Ducks, released a year prior, the team joined the NHL for the 1993-94 season as an expansion team along with the Florida Panthers. The logo featured a duck-billed goalie mask on a black circle and a jade green triangle, uniforms were purple and jade, but it was their unusual name which made the Mighty Ducks memorable.

After a change in ownership in 2005, the team announced they would change their name. After briefly considering Condors and Bears, the club ultimately decided to keep the heritage of the team in their identity, removing the Mighty and going forward with the name Anaheim Ducks. A new colour scheme of orange, black, and bronze accompanied the new logo, a D in the shape of a webbed foot. The change came with some magic, as a Stanley Cup awaited the Ducks in their first season with the new name.

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