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Canadian Football League Logos Atlantic Schooners (2021-Pres)

The Atlantic Schooners are a conditional CFL expansion franchise with hopes to begin play out of Moncton, New Brunswick in time for the 2021 season.

Originally the name was used for a team that was set to begin play in 1984 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Schooners were granted a "conditional expansion franchise" on May 13, 1982 on the condition that a suitable stadium could be built in time for the 1984 CFL season. Schooners was selected as the team name following a name the team contest, the logo featured an A in the shape of a maratime schooner with four waves near the bottom to represent the four Atlantic Canada provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and PEI). After failing to meet deadlines set by the CFL for stadium construction the ownership group withdrew their membership in the league in June of 1983.

As of 2019, neither of the two conditional Atlantic Schooners CFL franchises have ever played a game.

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