Hawaii Warriors Logo

Primary Logo (2000-Pres)

What is the Hawaii Warriors Logo?

The UH Athletics Department unveiled a new logo in 2000. The theme of the new logo and identity is pupukahi i holomua, translated into English as, Unite and move forward as one. Although the H outwardly represents Hawaii, it also carries the significance of the Hawaiian expression and meaning of ha. In Hawaiian culture ha means the breath - the spirit of life passed on to us from one person to another, generation to generation, with its lessons and success. Although the patterns on the logo are inspired by the renaissance of the use of Hawaiian kapa designs, they are decorative. They represent the characteristics of the different people who have come together to obtain knowledge, success and efficient skills. The triangles are universally symbolic. The three points represent the balance of the individual: the body, mind and spirit. Ancient Hawaiians believed that each entity with these values could not stand strong without the other two. This is the significance to the specific three triangles within the H.

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