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What is the Georgia Bulldogs Logo?

Oval G in red and black. In 1963 after becoming the Bulldogs Head Football Coach, Vince Dooley redesigned the football uniform choosing a red helmet with a black G on a white background as the dominant feature of the new uniform for the 1964 season. He discussed with his staff that a forward-looking G would be an appropriate emblem for the helmet of the Georgia team. Dooley had just hired John Donaldson, former Georgia player from 1945 to 1948, as backfield coach. John was keen on the idea of a new image and volunteered his wife, Anne, who had a BFA in commercial art from UGA to design a logo for the new Georgia helmet with the general specifications Dooley had outlined. Dooley accepted Annes original G which fit his vision for a forward look to Georgias new emblem. Since the Georgia G -though different in design and color- was similar to Green Bays G, Coach Dooley thought it best to clear the use of Georgias new emblem with the NFL team. Athletic Director Joel Eaves called for permission which was granted. However, since its inception in 1961, the Green Bay G has been redesigned several times and now looks like Georgias original 1964 G. Georgia is proud that the Packers apparently liked the special nuances of the Bulldogs forward-looking G. Georgias oval G, eventually replacing the old block G as the official UGA symbol, has stood the test of time. It made its first appearance in the opening game in 1964 and was an immediate hit with the Georgia fans, especially after Dooleys first three teams were so successful--highlighted by the 1966 SEC Championship.

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Dominique Wilkins

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